2016 Conference Presentations

Pensacola Inside Scoop
Belle Bear, Holly Jurnovoy, Marny Needle, Cyndi Warren

Engaging Different Generations for Maximum Impact
Debbie Ritchie

Gaining, Keeping and Building Membership
Meri Asmar, Belle Bear, Brigette Brooks, Holly Jurnovoy

The Beginning of the Grant Cycle
Amy Aker, Maryane DiMarzo, Jane Coyle

Finalist Decisions
Wanda Lincoln, Meri Asmar, Brigette Brookes, Susan Duane

Developing Leadership
Amy Aker, Maryanne Dimarzo

Database Management
Cyndi Warren, Linda Knoll, Susan Duane

Communication and Public Relations
Barbara Lord and Sarah Lenti

Now and Tomorrow
Wendy Steele and Tandy Robinson